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Tuesday Morning Roundup: Latest Social Headlines (Nov 13 2012)

CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies participate far less in social media networks than the rest of us. There have been interesting surveys conducted, and the findings are shocking! Having CEOs that actively interact and make themselves available on social platforms leads to greater faith in a company. In fact, 93% of those surveyed believe that a social CEO is better equipped to manage a crisis; 82% believe that social CEOs are more trustworthy and 94% believe social CEOs enhance a company brand. To see these statistics, click here.

A 19 year old man was arrested in Aylesham, Kent on “suspicion of malicious telecommunications”.  He was arrested on the 11th November, which was Remembrance Day in the UK. His crime? He posted a picture of a burning poppy, with an accompanying offensive message. What happened to free speech? Complaints over social media posts have increased steadily, with 2490 last year. Read more here.

Twitter has decided it will no longer remove tweets that infringe copyright; instead, it will “withhold” them and replace them with a link that leads to a copy of the copyright holder’s complaint, along with their main details. You can read more on this here.

A few weeks back, LinkedIn launched its new Endorsement feature. Most of us have either received or been guilty of sending mails requesting endorsements. But what of those industries that are forbidden from having recommendations appear on their profiles, such as financial advisors? There are organisations in place that spend time monitoring the net for such things. Read more about this here.

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