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Tuesday Morning Roundup: Latest Social Headlines (Nov 06 2012)

In this week’s social headlines it seems we are in for a Face-list, as Facebook has been quietly trying out a new tool for advertising, using the recycled name, “Marketplace”. This could give Craigslist a real run for its money. Apparently, users will be able to create short personal ads. These will show up in their friends’ personal news feeds. You would be able to advertise anything such as your house, car, jobs or even a roommate; you could also share services or ideas.

You would have to pay Facebook a small fee for these ads, unlike Craigslist, which only charges for certain ads.  To read about these, click HERE


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Some headlines (and interesting things) about TWITTER

Some headlines about LINKEDIN

That’s all for now folks. Catch up next on more headlines next Tuesday.



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