Search Engine Optimisation

SEO: Get Found By The People Who Are Already Searching For You.

Why Invest In SEO?

Either you’re visible on Google, or your competitors are. Building your reputation and brand awareness, and publishing¬†optimised content that captures and compels your target audience are essential components in staying ahead.

What Does It Do?

SEO makes your website compliant with popular search engines, bridges the gap between you and people interested in your offerings by improving your rankings in search results. SEO delivers qualified traffic to you naturally.

How Is It Done?

Matching what people are actually searching for to your website content & online properties, tuning up your site to be lean and mean and getting others to cite you and share the word around the web are the areas to focus on.

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What do you get?

Effective SEO requires focused planning and execution for a number of factors. Here is what goes into a successful strategy:


Keyword & Copy Planning

We research your industry and the keywords your target audience are using to find your company, products & services. We will recommend a set of focus keywords to be incorporated into your websites copy, titles and tags to ensure your chances of ranking on Google.


Page Load Speed Optimisation

Page load speed has become a critical factor in influencing successful search rankings. Our methodology includes optimising your website’s images, browser caching and compression as well as optimising poor code.


Local SEO

Optimising your Local SEO presence includes improving your search appearance for location specific keywords as well as improving your presence within Google maps. This process includes setting up your Google My Business account and optimising your Google Maps listings.


Mobile SEO

This process includes reviewing your sites performance and appearance on mobile devices and providing an action plan on resolving any design / development issues.


Crawling & Indexing Optimisation

This core SEO module ensures your website can be effectively crawled, indexed and ranked by major search engines. The process includes optimising sitemaps, instructions for search robots, index tagging and redirects, resolving canonicalisation issues, as well as fixing or treating crawl errors and broken links.


On-page Optimisation

This core SEO module ensures that your website code, tags and titles are effectively optimised for targeted keywords and for user experience. The process includes optimising page titles, headings, meta descriptions, image tags and internal links.


Duplicate Content Optimisation

External duplicate content – content on your site that is the same on other websites – will restrict your website’s ability to rank effectively. Resolving any internal duplicate content issues on your site is a critical factor in maximising your pages potential to rank. We identify and report on cases found on your website, and provide recommendations to best resolve them.


Link Profile Health Check

Having an unnatural backlink profile – the sum of all pages linking to your website – can cause a series of potential ranking issues and restrict your website from achieving optimum performance. We review the quality of backlinks using specialised software provide recommendations and actively address issues.


Link Development

Increasing good quality backlinks is a big step toward building reputation. We help you to grow this factor using research and outreach methods derived from our experience.


Blog Optimisation

Optimising and promoting your blog content is an easy way to attract new visitors, increase your visibility on social media and attract more backlinks naturally to your website. We optimise your blog’s capacity for social sharing, usability and introduce methods for converting traffic.



Key success metrics, comparative search ranking and traffic statistics, a brief a brief situation analysis by one of our analysts are critical points used to inform the strategy and keep the eye on the main goals.

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