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SEO Remains Best Lead Generator for B2B and B2C Marketers

SEO is your best long-term online marketing strategy and PPC works best over the short-term. That’s how it’s always been. Social media has been sexy and attention grabbing but SEO and PPC are the old standbys. Until now, that is. A recent article by Matt McGee (Search Engine Land) suggests that while SEO is still the bee’s knees, PPC is starting to flag.

PPC’s claim to fame is its ability to direct heaps of traffic to a website. The pickup in traffic is virtually instant, which makes it a great tool for short-term marketing strategies – like holiday promotions. The 2nd annual State of Digital Marketing survey by WebMarketing 123, however, indicates that social media marketing might be starting to outperform PPC when it comes to generating leads.

The competition between social media and PPC is still pretty tight. B2B marketers say that 20% of their leads come from PPC and 21% from social media, while B2C marketers say that 26% of their leads come from PPC and 25% from social media.

SEO continues to generate the lion’s share of leads.

When it comes to which social media platform is the best lead generator, WebMarketing 123 once again provides some answers (via Matt McGee and Marketing Land).

Basically, it depends on whether you’re a B2C or B2B marketer. If you work on the B2C side of things then Facebook is your best bet (followed by Twitter), but if you’re into B2B marketing then you’ll get the best results from LinkedIn.

Now, if you pay any attention to social networks at all, this shouldn’t come as surprise. Facebook and Twitter are the most social of the social platforms, while LinkedIn has long been recognised as the professionals’ social network.

Meanwhile, it’s gratifying for SEOs to see that no matter whom their clients are their hard work keeps generating great ROI.


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