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Quick guide to creating a company page on Linkedin.com

Why should I have a company page?

Over 5 million Africans use Linkedin.com as a professional network. South Africa reportedly has 1,6 million users in South Africa in 2012.

When considering the demographics of Linkedin users, a large portion of users are Business owners, CEO’s and company directors. This indicates opportunity for those in the brand and advertising industry, as corporates do use Linkedin to search for products and services relevant to their own business needs.

Linkedin can also serve as another access point for people to find the business, and simultaneously is another opportunity to tell the companies story, highlight the services and send people to the website.

Creating a company page

This can be completed in minutes. Just follow these steps:

  • Visit the Linkedin Add Company page
  • Provide the name and applicable email address of the company
  • Confirm your entry (they will send you an email
  • Populate your company information

Enhance your company page

Once you’ve created the page, some of the things you should do are:

  • Set up a tab for your products and services (publicise what your business offers)
  • Place a Linkedin ‘follow’ button on the website. Company follows help with brand credibility & reputation
  • Employees can create Linkedin profiles for themselves, which simulates an online resume, and they can list themselves as employees of the company, and follow the company
  • Set designated administrators of the page, so staff can manage status updates and promote the company

Set up products and services

Better Linkedin.com search visibility can be achieved by adding products and services. These services can also be recommended by Linkedin users, which would further boost credibility.

Adding these is simple.

  • Log into Linkedin as one of the administrators of the company page
  • Click on the ‘Products & Services’ tab near the top of the page
  • Click “Add a product & service”
  • Fill out the form, including as much granular detail as possible (so that it is as accurate and comprehensive as possible). Separate your services beforehand, remember that each service can get recommendations from past users or professionals, so think of that when deciding on how to structure this. Remember that the Linkedin search box looks inside these services when people search for companies, so use relevant keywords (think how people would search)
  • Click ‘Publish’

Add a follow company button

The website can feature a ‘follow’ button for Linkedin.

Some buttons are available here.

Having followers of the company on Linkedin will help with credibility, reputation and visibility. The more followers, and the more prominent or important the followers are, the more it helps.

Get associates to make recommendations on the products & services (and the employees) of your company.

The more you are followed, the more reach you have. Remember that each follower you get has X amount of ‘connections’ in their circles on Linkedin.

Grab the opportunity

If you don’t decide to create a page and list your relevant products & services, then just picture your competitors stealing all the limelight:

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