Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC: Place Highly Relevant Advertisements Directly In the Path of People as they Search on Google.

Why Invest In PPC?

Pay Per Click Advertising, particularly with Google AdWords, is a very effective solution for getting highly qualified visitors to encounter your offerings and make quick enquiries.

The amount of control you have over how your budget is spent and what kind of people you target makes PPC a laser focused option for capturing qualified leads & making sales.

What Does It Do?

In PPC advertising, your text and display ads are placed in search results and on participating websites in order to capture the attention of people while they are naturally researching products & services that they need.

The people that click on your ads are already interested in what you have to offer, therefore your budget is spent effectively.

How Is It Done?

Initially, campaigns are set up and configured. These campaigns determine which offerings are promoted, and who they are promoted to.

Regular monitoring of performance allows a PPC manager to adjust ad copy, target keywords, targeted locations and a host of settings to keep the campaign aimed at the goal & delivering.

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What do you get?

Keyword & Copy Planning

We dig keywords & search volumes for the words that you select and recommend variations. Your keyword plan is divided into ad groups.


Campaign Configuration

This is where we set your daily budgets, target locations, bid strategies and so on. We also set up conversion tracking to closely monitor how visitors behaved after clicking your ads.


Ad Copywriting & Setup

We compile ad text, define target pages and display URLs, and set keywords & negative keywords in this step.


Landing Pages

Well executed campaigns require dedicated landing pages that do the job of converting visitors into leads. Depending on your situation, we recommend, design and implement strategies for landing pages.


Monthly Management

In this phase, we manage your budgets, perform routine steps such as review keyword & ad performance, make changes such as adding or removing keywords, editing or creating new ads, stopping campaigns that perform poorly.



Remarketing is a unique feature that targets only people that have already visited your website, and are therefore prequalified as being interested in your product or service. Remarketing is very effective as an add-on to your existing promotion, OR as a standalone campaign.

We can fully set up and run remarketing campaigns as required.



We provide the client with a monthly performance report, which includes an overview of the impression, click, spend and conversion stats for the month. We may provide broader recommendations in this step, where we discover that change is needed to improve results.

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