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Mozcation 2013: a Hit!

We at Mediatorr feel pretty humbled having SEOMoz in Cape Town, our home city. We had the pleasure of meeting a few Mozzers face to face. Having only admired the company from afar until now, we found a huge difference in watching talks by @randfish, @emcgillivray and @mattthemathman up close, as opposed to video or blogging . The messages conveyed seemed to hit home harder, inspiring a certain mode of thinking more so than usual. A stream of the presentations can be viewed on livestream. Well worth watching if you haven’t already.

Rand presenting at Mozcation 2013 in Cape Town

Rand dishing out the facts

The years spent following SEOMoz haven’t been wasted. Their philosophy of sharing knowledge and building community has done well for them, and served as a lifeline for many a growing search marketer.

We would just like to thank the folks @SEOmoz for making their way thousands of kilometers across the planet to talk to and meet us. I think I speak for a large portion of the South African search marketing community when I say that we have taken away mostly optimism from the Cape Town 2013 Mozcation, in the face of a young and underdeveloped local internet.

After having listened to the South African community representatives speak about how we are limited by the slow adoption rate of online by local business and the lack of understanding around our industry, it occurred to me that it is not a flourishing online market alone that makes SEO fun, engaging and profitable in the first world. It also takes a level of marketers willing to inject creativity,  passion and innovation, and actually contribute to the development and growth of the web itself.

It’s up to us to help our market move toward a greater standard of the use of technology, and we’re glad to be part of that movement.

Also thanks to @jordaanshaune and the @White_Hatters, @ChristopherM and @rafiq for a delve into South African web economy and a generous Q & A session. Not to forget @andrevankets who brought the Mozzers here.

In the spirit of fun

After Matt Peters announced some brightly innovative tools on their way, Erica McGillivray related some titillating accounts of professional experience, and a compelling rant from Rand about the psychological tendencies of the average web consumer, we were ready to dive in for some amateur photography and banter. We found out that the Mozzers are warm, amiable and entirely friendly, in a very authentic way.

We asked Rand to ride on Aynsley’s shoulders, as a sort of viral experiment.  He compromised at letting Ainz carry him over the threshold, haha!

Rand Fishkin & Aynsley Van Der Merwe from Mediatorr at Mozcation 2013

Rand Fishkin and Aynsley

We stormed Matt Peters just to express our admiration and worship of his hardcoreness, and he was just so incredibly nice that we were instantly disarmed.


Phil, Ainz, Matt, Ant and Steve

We took a few more, because we still had battery life in the old blackberry, and the Mozzers were so generous with their time:

Anthony Coe and Ainzley Van de Merwe of Mediatorr with Rand Fishkin at Mozcation 2013 in Cape Town

Ant, Rand and Ainz

Steve Coe with Rand Fishkin

Steve, who ironically also happens to be the engineer that built the theatre where the presentations took place, & Rand


Randolf @randolfSA, Phil and Karen Muller

Needless to say, we’re really looking forward to the Heavy Chef evening on Sunday.

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