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Monday Morning Roundup: Latest Search Headlines (Nov 26 2012)

Making headlines in the past week: The Launch of Bing Webmaster guidelines and Webinars. The guidelines cover a wide range of topics and, above all, they are designed to help find your content and get you indexed in Bing’s search engine. Here are some of the topics covered in the guidelines:

·         Content – Bing encourages clear, deep and easy-to-find content. Websites with little content, lots of ads and lots of external links will not rank well in Bing.

·         Links – Bing still values organic links. Buying links and link schemes and other spam link building tactics will depreciate the value of the links.

·         Social – Bing encourages social activity as it creates positive signals that impact on how you rank naturally in the long run.

·         Technical – Bing considers the importance of fast loading pages, the use of robots txt, canonical tags, redirects and many more. You can find all the details on Bing Webmaster Guidelines.

Lastly, Bing regards Search Engine Optimisation as a valid practice as it improves website usability and will help sites rank well.

Latest in Search Engine Journal is The War between Google and DuckDuckGo.  DuckDuckgo is a search engine that was started by Gabriel Weinberg five years ago. In an interview with Reuters, Weinberg explains the difficulty DuckDuckGo is facing as Google makes it impossible to set DuckDuckGo as a default search site in Chrome web browser and how it disadvantages DuckDuckGo in Android Mobile operating systems.

News in Webmaster World is Google’s $22.5 million fine to Federal Trade Commission over Privacy Settings. It all started a few months back when Google was accused of using tracking cookies to ambush Safari web browsers on iPhones and iPad so they could monitor users who had blocked such tracking. To do this, Google violated the privacy settlement that they had earlier with the Federal Trade Commission.

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