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Monday Morning Roundup: Latest Search Headlines (Nov 19 2012)

Making headlines in the past week: The Chinese Block Google Search, Gmail, Google+, Maps and more Google services. China’s Communist Party, which is always sensitive about news, blocked the site during its 18th Party Congress. According to Search Engine Land, the block was only temporary, lasting about 12 hours.

In other news, Google has reported that government surveillance is on the rise. The number of government requests to Google to remove content was stable from 2009 to 2011 but this year Google has had 1,791 requests from international governments to remove 17,746 pieces of content.

Webmaster World reports that Google has put a stop to Android fragmentation with a new SDK Licensing agreement. Google customized its legal agreement with Android apps developers to ban them from any action that may cause fragmentation of Android.

Search Engine Journal reports that US Public Perception of Bing Search Engine Up. Microsoft is experiencing its biggest US consumer perception surge in two years, thanks largely to Bing’s advertising campaign, the new Surface tablet and the recent launch of Windows 8.


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