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Monday Morning Roundup: Latest Search Headlines (Dec 3 2012)

Breaking the news headlines in the past week is Bing’s Scroogled Campaign against Google shopping. Once, Google fought against paid inclusion programmes and now it embraces them. The Scroogled Campaign is considered a wakeup call to raise awareness that Google shopping results are pay-to-rank and not natural. And while Bing exposes Google’s questionable shopping results and regards its own results as honest, you will never know who to trust. Bing itself ranks results by payment. So watch out for being scroogled by Google and don’t forget Bing also is scroogling you.

Making headlines in Search Engine Watch: Google address German users about the Copyright Law Changes. The German government proposed some changes that could affect the Internet. In response to the proposal, Google created a website called Verteidige dein netz which means defend your network. The website is meant to oppose the government law that limits user freedom and requests Germans to do their bit fight the legislation and sign up for regular updates.

In Search Engine land we see an Update to Google Webmaster Tools Security Bug Re-Opens Access to Old Accounts [Now Fixed].  The security bug was discovered and reported in many SEO blogs and on social networks on the 27th of November. This technical issue was said to have been verifying old user accounts and giving access to sites that shouldn’t be accessed anymore. Finally, Google announced that the problem has been resolved and that they are taking steps to protect users against any repeat incidents.

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