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How Much of Your Marketing Budget is Mobile?

One of the biggest concerns marketers have is how to divvy up their budgets. After all, they can’t risk missing out on a crucial platform. What if this really is the year of mobile? What if Facebook ads are suddenly overtaken by Twitter? What if print experiences a resurgence? What if TV becomes infinitely more affordable? What if …?

Well, if certain studies are to be believed, it’s time marketers really and truly started turning their attention, and their budgets, towards mobile efforts.

The New York Times cites a study by Marketing Evolution, which strongly suggests that if you want to make your mark digitally, you need to start spending 7% of your marketing budget on mobile solutions. Apparently, marketers in the US currently spend a maximum of one per cent on mobile marketing, which means that there is quite a large opportunity for growth.

But the suggestions don’t end there.

Between now and 2016, marketers need to increase their mobile marketing spend to at least 10% of their total budgets.

But, be cautious. The study also contains a warning of sorts; a warning not to believe everything that you read. Apparently, 90% of studies on mobile marketing exaggerate the effectiveness of the medium.


(Image credit: Craig Cloutier, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr)

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