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Highlights for the week in search

Google release their “report scraping” tool. The tool is a simple text input form where web publishers can identify sites that scrape their content. It is notable what Google themselves suggest as a “reportable” web site or page: A page that outranks your own page for content that you were first to publish. So does this imply to webmasters not to waste time turning in the “lawbreakers” if it doesn’t actually affect any rankings or sites negatively? As with most Google-subjected opinion, only time will tell.

Google bought a deal site and if you live in New York City, you can visit Google offers to get discount prices on theatre tickets, hamburgers or just about anything under the sun. The site claims the rest of the major states in the USA to be “coming soon”. I tried to add Cape Town to their “suggest your city” page, but was limited to only states within the USA. It is curious that Google are investing directly into a concept that inherently has a limited lifespan, as reports reveal that the larger deal spinner sites such as Groupon are currently calming down. The idea is that the massive profit margins enjoyed by the deal sites are a trend-subjected phenomenon and will burn out once the hype has subsided. It seems the big G doesn’t agree. Then again, they are self-admittedly in the mode of trying out new ventures until they find ones that warrant attention, and then focusing more attention on those ones.

Google reclassify subdomains as internal links in Webmaster Tools. This simply means that when you do a link report in your WMT, you will see your own subdomains URI’s showing up as internal links. What I am curious about is, does this mean I can’t submit a subdomain as my website account in WMT, such as a blog on blogger?

The Google +1 button now works with Google Plus. If you click +1 on a publisher site, you will see a pop up where you can add a comment and/or opt to share this page publically via your own Google Plus account.

Yahoo’s traffic numbers are now fully integrated into Bing Webmaster Tools. This is significant as Yahoo organic search results are fully powered by Bing.

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