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Adding a customised date field to a booking form

Today I had to help a client add a date field to their booking form, because they’ve been experiencing drop-offs in their enquiries. Adding the date option is meant to help lock in potential leads for a fixed appointment date.

The problem, however, is that they only wanted to make the next 7 days available in the form. So a standard date-picker wouldn’t do.

I used the magic of PHP’s date() function to grab the next 7 days dates and order them into an HTML SELECT input.

Here is the source code I created:




// grab todays date
$todays_date = date("Y/m/d");

// set my defaults for later use
$date_count = 0;
$date_arr = array();

// loop forward through the week
while ( $date_count < 7 ) { 

// increment the day by 1 - by using my incrementiing "count" value 
if( $date_count > 0 ) {
 $date_incrementer = strtotime("+{$date_count} day", strtotime($todays_date));
} else {
 $date_incrementer = strtotime($todays_date);

// add each incremented day to an array 
array_push($date_arr, $date_incrementer);
$date_count += 1;

// loop a new HTML option into existence, for each day
foreach ($date_arr AS $the_date) {
 echo '<option ';
 if( $quote_date == date("Y/m/d", $the_date) ) { echo 'selected="selected" '; } 
 echo 'value="'.date("Y/m/d", $the_date).'">'.date("j F - l", $the_date).'</option>';


The whole script goes inside the opening & closing SELECT elements.

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