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Conversion optimisation is essential to initial conversion growth

Starting a corporate website is fraught with difficulties. There are a host of factors to consider, all of which need to be done correctly if you want to achieve your conversion goals. For instance, you need to get the design spot-on, you need killer content, you need top-notch SEO, you need to make your site social sharing friendly, you need to think of mobile users, you need a blog … the list goes on. But all you’ve really got on your mind is the bottom line.

The bottom line that delivers sales, profits, increased revenue, ROI – basically the bottom line that makes you grateful you went online.

So you keep a weather eye on your conversion rate. And you go greyer as conversions seem to go nowhere for the first few months. You may even be tempted to reconsider your choice of digital marketing agency.

If the agency is resting on its laurels you could be justified in your thinking. But most good agencies will be furiously working on conversion optimisation strategies to get the ball rolling. In the meantime you might want to digest Eric Enge’s findings on realistic conversion growth rates for new websites.

Enge says that it’s a mistake to assume that your conversion rate will grow along similar lines as your traffic.

There are several reasons for this. Enge attributes it primarily to the use of non-competitive keywords, as well as a lack of conversion optimisation.

You can add explorers (people who are curious and just want to see what you’re all about) to the list, as well as die hard loyalists. These are people are want to check out their favourite company’s competition before going back to what they know.

To combat this you have to work on your attractiveness and trustworthiness to web users and search engines. You need to get active on social media. You need to start offering incentives that your competition has overlooked; this could include unique competitions or giveaways, or promotions and special deals. You need to work with your digital marketing agency to refine your keywords until they’re more inline with your conversion goals. You need to be willing to conduct tests based on analytics results, which means you need to go into the process with a flexible attitude. You need to be patient.

Enge’s findings suggest that it can take several weeks or even months for your conversion growth to match your growth in traffic. After that, however, conversion growth tends to be exponential.

The key takeaway here is that while search engine optimisation can do a lot to get your website noticed, you need a conversion optimisation strategy to give your conversion goals a boost.

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