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Chrome challenges IE’s crown

What internet browser do you use? When I was noob I used Internet Explorer (IE). Don’t all noobs? I mean, it is the default browser on pretty much all PCs. My first digital marketing agency put me onto Firefox and it’s been my default browser ever since. Well, at least until a month or so ago when I switched to Chrome (technically it’s not my default because I keep forgetting to change my settings, but it’s the one I open in the morning).

I’ve used Chrome on and off since it was launched, mostly when Firefox goes up the whatzit, but I’ve always liked the inbuilt convenience that comes with Firefox. Lately, however, it’s been giving me issues. I don’t know if it’s got to do with my PC, internet connection or what (I confess I’m tab-happy. I’ll open literally dozens of tabs at a time), but it seems to get overexcited and freeze. Which is how I’ve ended up on Chrome.

(FYI, I still use WordPress in Firefox because Chrome does funny things when it comes to formatting images.)

All of this is relevant because it’s recently been found that Chrome has overtaken Firefox in the global browser stakes and could be on its way to usurp long-time favourite IE. Typically, measurements of this kind only focus on North America, because it’s the only market worth considering if you live in the US. But StatCounter thought it would be worthwhile to extend its view to the whole world.

The findings indicate the Firefox and IE are losing users to Chrome.

South America is the only place in the world where Chrome is more popular than Firefox and IE. Memeburn’s Rowan Puttergill reports that its market share is 10% greater than previous leader IE. He suggests that this is because South Americans have taken to Orkut in a big way and that given slow internet speeds it just makes more sense to stick to one over-arching product.

Chrome has usurped Firefox in Asia, which is no mean feat considering that Google is almost always in trouble around there.

It’s only in Europe, Africa and North America where it still lags behind both of its major competitors.

Puttergill goes on to make a bold prediction: that Chrome will pass IE – globally speaking, I guess – by June/July next year. Although, he covers his butt a bit by adding that an awful lot depends on mobile adoption. Which means it depends on how Android fares against Opera and Safari.

So, what browser do you use and, perhaps more importantly, have you recently switched?

(Image by michperu, CC by 2.0, via Flickr)

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