It's Essential To Be Mobile Friendly

Reach new & untapped leads & customers through a "mobile first" website.

Get more leads & sales

Make it easier for people to reach the information they’re after, by optimising the layout & navigation of your site, thus encouraging visitors on any device to quickly engage with your products or services and convert into customers.

Boost brand loyalty

People remember brands that provide a good user experience. Beat the competition to the punch by always giving the best possible visual experience to your visitors irrespective of the size of their screen.

Rank better on Google

Most people research and decide to purchase the products and services they need using Search Engines. Google Search, by far the most popular, now recognises the rise of mobile device usage and favours websites that are mobile friendly when listing their search results.

“There are more mobile phones in South Africa than there are people. Accessing the internet from a mobile is more common in SA than from desktop computers.”

– Effective Measure – South African Mobile Report

And, 9 out of 10 users of desktop computers in South Africa also access the web from their smartphone.

Does Google think your site is mobile friendly?

Google takes user experience very seriously. If your site isn’t great on a mobile, they won’t feel compelled to show it to people using mobiles, especially when your competitor’s sites are friendlier.

Google uses highly sophisticated algorithms and human feedback to determine what a good user experience is. Using their knowledge and methods for your website is a wise move.

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What do you gain from being mobile optimised?

“SA mobile traffic will increase 8-fold over 5 years, twice as fast as fixed IP traffic.”

– Cisco internet study

As more South Africans move onto mobile devices and trust the web more, gaining an advantage over your competitors is achievable by offering the best user experience to your market.

Where does Mediatorr come in?

We have seven years’ experience in developing websites, and the same amount of time optimising sites to deliver better experiences and more value. Through our passion for grasping what a good website should be, we follow the leading practises and help our clients use the best of what current and future technology can offer, to ensure that they comply to and serve the next generation of consumers.

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