Making Websites Do Their Job

We're a company that uses our experience in design, development & marketing to attract more visitors & create a better user experience for them, so that they happily turn into your leads.

Who We Are

Mediatorr formed in the old days of static HTML web pages, and strove through the evolution of the web to understand and master the technologies, and what we later realised was most important, to ultimately engage & compel people that use websites.

With this philosophy as a guide, Mediatorr has racked up a set of important skills and fundamental business knowledge that goes straight into the work we do for our clients.

What We Do

When building new websites and when optimising existing ones, we offer strategic input from the point of conception to the finished product and beyond, with the aim of making every page do the job that it’s meant to.

Our key specialities are building user friendly & attractive websites & website experiences, search engine optimisation (SEO) services & Pay Per Click advertising services that drive the right kind of (targeted) traffic to your website.

What Else We Do

We care about our clients and their projects. If you have an idea and want to see it realised, we will offer our best advice to guide you in making decisions that count in the shorter and longer terms.

We can consult with you and your teams and providers to get desired marketing results.

We can build custom products, add-ons or systems to suit what you wish to do or what you need. Just tell us what your problem is & we’ll help solve it.

The Team

Phil Smulian

Phil Smulian

Founder / Digital Strategist

Shepherd Makura

Shepherd Makura

AdWords / PPC Manager

Word on the street

Some of our clients

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