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Why Mobilise?

As if that’s even a question

Growth in
Mobile web access

More people in South Africa access the web through their mobile phones than with their computers. It’s essential that you don’t neglect them. Mobile first websites are becoming a standard.


People are quickly growing used to websites that fit nicely on their screens. Having to scroll, pinch and zoom to get around risks frustrating them to the point of heading for your competitors website.


When you build a website, you’re making an investment. Our mobilise solutions ensure that your site will operate for years to come, by making use of best industry standards and practices.

Google will
reward you

The world’s most popular search engine is now part of our lives. Because their users like mobile friendly websites, so do they. They demote sites that aren’t mobile friendly from their mobile search results.

Mobile Solutions

We’ll help you pick the right one

Responsive Design

By far the most recommended way to deliver your web pages.

Responsive means that you build one website, and it simply adapts to the width of any screen, be it a smart phone, tablet or widescreen monitor.

Adaptive Design

Like responsive design, visitors land on the same URL addresses whether using a mobile device or a laptop. The difference is the content that is served to them. It may be more prudent to serve different content to a mobile visitor.

Mobi Site

This entails having a separate site displayed for mobiles and for desktop computers. In this case the visitor is redirected to the appropriate site or page, depending on which device they’re using. This is much less popular these days but in some cases might be the appropriate solution.


We are a crack team of web enthusiasts who love to solve development, design and marketing problems for our clients, with tailored solutions derived from our seven years of experience. We operate out of the south peninsula in Cape Town, South Africa.

What we do

We build modern websites that look good and do their job well. We use the best technology available to achieve that. We also happen to be experts with inbound marketing and online advertising, making our understanding of your needs very well-rounded.


We have been building websites from scratch and providing ethical search engine optimisation (SEO) and search marketing (PPC ) services to many happy clients for seven years. Trust us, that is a long time in our fast evolving industry.

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